Green Cleaning Kickstart

The Green Cleaning Kickstart will teach you how to evaluate cleaning products for safety, find the best cleaning brands (and avoid greenwashing!), and show you the safest techniques for cleaning, so you can stop worrying and feel CONFIDENT that your cleaning routine is safe for YOU and the planet.

8 Modules


Learn how to get started with the Green Cleaning Kickstart course. 

Toxic Problems

Learn about the health problems associated with many conventional cleaning products, and how to avoid the worst ingredients. 

Non-Toxic Solutions

Learn how to identify and find safe and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Green Cleaning Roadmap

Learn the best practices for green cleaning and create an action plan for swapping products and updating your cleaning routine. 

Cleaning Product Recommendations

Discover green cleaning products that will work for your home and cleaning needs. 

EWG Cleaning Database Tutorial

Learn how to use the EWG's Healthy Cleaning Database to help you evaluate cleaning products and find safe and eco-friendly alternatives.

Green Cleaning Wallet Guide

Print out the Green Cleaning Wallet Guide to help you make smart choices when you shop.

DIY Cleaning Product Recipes

Learn how to make homemade versions of cleaning products to save money.

Modules for this product 8
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