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Available Products

Eco-Friendly Brands Guide

Downloadable Eco-Friendly Brands Guide with clickable links to over 300 brands, as well as brand spotlights and special discounts - designed to help make shopping for green & healthy beauty, home and lifestyle brands easy! 

Use code SAVE20 for $20 off for a limited time!

Easy Home Detox

Easy Home Detox is an online course designed to help you create a toxin-free home environment, by swapping out toxic products for better alternatives, and learning how to keep your home clean, healthy and safe for your family. 

Greenwashing Guidebook

The Greenwashing Guidebook is a 17 page e-book designed to help you detect and AVOID greenwashed products. Here's what you will learn:

  • the definition of greenwashing
  • the 3 primary places to detect greenwashing
  • exactly what to look for in a greenwashed product 

You will also find links to some trusted online sources for natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly products. 

Free Resources Hub

FREE resources to help you meet your green & healthy goals!

FREE: The Ditch List

The Top 10 products to ditch now for better health (plus what to use instead)!

FREE Non-Toxic Shampoo Shopping List

A printable shopping list to help you find the non-toxic shampoo that meets your needs.

Green Cleaning Kickstart

The Green Cleaning Kickstart will teach you how to evaluate cleaning products for safety, find the best cleaning brands (and avoid greenwashing!), and show you the safest techniques for cleaning, so you can stop worrying and feel CONFIDENT that your cleaning routine is safe for YOU and the planet. 

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